Tuesday, February 19, 2019

ART - CEMENT CANVAS - Step by Step pictorial

Hello All,
Bela Shah here!  Hope you all are doing good.

Today I am going to share two projects which I created using Itsy Bitsy’s home brand Little Birdie’s Craft Cement

Home Decor Cement Canvas

With so many things possible with cement I thought why not create something which can revamp my tiny little side table with something classy n chic .... just like we make decorative canvases I thought why not make a cement canvas which can look amazingly cool with  some different style.  Side tables can be trickiest furniture to decorate as the size may limit what you can do with them which is why some people set it down with a lamp or a plant and call it a day... but we crafters have loads of different ideas which we can use to give a different decor depending on the occasion or the mood.
So Lets get into this projects step by step tutorial.
First I mixed a good quantity of cement adding water little by little as i wanted my cement mix to be thick . Once I was happy with the consistency i poured the whole mix into a cookie container.... u can use soap moulds, any container, any lid of any shape or size to get this done.....


As soon as the mix was set properly I started adding some dry fillers to it . I just pushed the ends into the cement so that it gets stuck in it when it dries. after that I added few Roses to it. to give it a more natural look I added some white stones n some art stones to the bottom of my composition. I left it to dry spraying water to the top layer time n again to stop cement from cracking. I let it be in the container for 3 to 4 days just spraying water whenever i thought the top layer is dry.

Now time to unmould the artwork. I simply pulled the container outwards from all the sides so that it separates from the edges. I placed the container upside down on a thick napkin so that I don't ruin the delicate fillers and pushed the slab downwards . It came out perfectly . My cement canvas with dry fillers, flowers and stones was absolutely ready n looked gorgeous to adorn my side table.  I have used dry fillers and solawood roses. You can use any paper flowers , twigs, shells, stones, pebbles, bottle caps, metal flowers etc to make your own decorative piece. The list is endless n the look will be totally different keeping the base constant.

I loved the piece but felt something missing so I just added a  title ART just to give that personal touch . With couple of potted indoor succulents and my cement canvas on easel my side table got a super new gorgeous look. I hope you all love this as much as do.

Now time for second project.

Home Decor Pinewood Panels

A super simple  decorative panel which found a beautiful place in my Bedroom. When I made this I never thought that it would fit so beautifully on my bedroom accent wall which was empty .

I mixed cement with water keeping the consistency little watery. Reason being I wanted to use this craft cement as paint. Yes you heard it right.. I wanted to just give a coat of cement to my waste paper flowers, leaves  and few twigs.

I gave a coat of this cement mix to the twigs , flowers n couple of leaves and let it dry completely... i didn't have to spray these with water coz already the cement had enough water and a thin coat on twig wont crack. after all the flowers were dry I added little gold metallic paint to few petals n edges of the flower so that they look gorgeous. I also left couple of flowers as it is as i didn't want the importance of cement diminish. after all they are painted with cement for a reason right?

I had plain some pinewood panels. So one one panel I added just the cement coated twigs, one gold painted flower and one plain cement coated flower and bingo one panel was done. One second panel I added on plain twig and one cement coated twig just give a bit of variation added just one big gold painted flower, couple of leaves and one plain filler flower. My second panel was ready. you can also make one big panel instead of small ones or make 4 or 5 small panels instead of just 2... I mean anything is possible.....

some more pictures of the look they gave my bedroom !!!

My both projects are super simple and doable. I hope with some artistic touch and a bit of creativity I was able to do some beautiful and gorgeous projects which will inspire you to create something for your home too.

Thank you for stopping by !!!

Love & Hugs

Monday, February 18, 2019

BEAUTIFUL - Mixed Media Art Journal Page Process

Hello ,
I hope you all are doing good !!!

This is Bela and today I am here to share a beautiful and vibrant art journal page with you all.... 
Thank you all for liking my previous art journal pages and all the lovely comments. This surely motivates me to do more... Also let me know in the comments section if you would like me to make a video tutorial.

As of now I am using a archival journal with 400 gsm cold pressed paper. This page is very thick and I don't have to worry about the paint or my colors bleeding onto the next page.
For this Page first I added a vibrant fushia pink and orange with a sponge roller onto my page. the page was totally covered with the paint without leaving any white. I took white gesso on the sponge and dabbed onto the stencil . once white gesso was dry then I dabbed golden paint onto the stencil . basically white gesso was used to bring out the gold. the stenciling can be seen clearly in the picture below.

After I was happy with the way my page looked I took a beautiful vibrant tissue from my stash which had these huge orange flowers. I adhered the tissue using decoupage glue. I purposely adhered the tissue in such a way that there would be wrinkles. I love the texture they give and it adds little more interest to my page.once it was dry I stamped the script stamp with black archival ink to left and right edge of the paper.  Also I used texture paste to add some script to the center of the page and some here and there. Also after this white texture paste was dry. I dry brushed gold acrylic paint onto the script texture.

I stamped the sentiment beautiful at couple of places on the page and also filled up the negative space to give the bold font. 

last but not the least I distressed the edges of my page with black archival to give it more depth and definition.

 I absolutely loved the way this page turned out . Vibrant background with almost same colored flowers... stenciling, flowers, stamping everything complimenting each other and making the art journal page so BEAUTIFUL

some more close ups....

I hope you all love this page as much as I do.... Thank you for stopping by.

Love & hugs

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Create Art - Mixed Media Art Journal - Step By step Pictorial

Hello Friends
I hope you all are rocking and also enjoying all the amazing projects done by all my DT friends.
Today on Itsy Bitsy blog I am here with a beautiful art journal page .
For me Art journaling is something where I can put my heart, mind and soul into the creation without thinking about the outcome or the choice of materials .
Art journaling is so amazing that you can do your trial n errors , get to know some beautiful color combos and the use of some mediums and get an amazing outcome... even if you don't its still a trial and you get to learn a lot from this. Also art journal is an awesome way to express the creative feelings and create something which you can go back to whenever you need any kind of inspiration or carry it around whenever the creative mojo strikes you or even flip through .... The artwork on the pages can be super simple like doodling or something very complex depending on the mood and the materials which you can get your hands on at that point of time.
Today I have done a beautiful mixed media journal page where I have combined the mixed media techniques with decoupage. I totally enjoyed the page and it was kind of a trial for me to see if this will work or no as I was trying something like this for the first time.  my main product in this art work is the crackle medium which is newly launched by Little Birdie and I couldn't wait to try my hand on it.
I used a beautiful art journal from the store which is 440 gsm handmade heavy weight and its made with 100% cold pressed and cotton papers. For me this art journal was perfect as I was attempting a mixed media technique and it can take all the textures, layers and mediums without warping the paper.
I started with choosing a beautiful decoupage tissue with huge roses , fussy cut them and adhered the paper on the left side bottom corner of the left page and the right side top corner of the right page with deco magic glue. This glue is perfect for any kind of decoupage on any surface.

After that I randomly applied the crackle paste with the stencil as I wanted the pattern as a part of my composition. I left it to air dry till small cracks were formed and the paste was totally dry.

I lightly brushed white gesso to the plain areas of my paper to prime it n prepare it for the splashes I was gonna use. I splashed the page with the colors at some places and some places applied with the brush as I needed to be in control where the color flows .. I didn't want it all over the flowers.

Once I was happy with the way my page looked after the colors I dried it completely and again fussy cut some butterfly n dragonfly from the left over tissue and filled in some blank spaces by adhering these to the page.  to add little more interest to my page I used a script stamp  to add some texture to the page especially left n right side edges . For this I used archival black ink.

Once everything was done then I added a coat of soft matt gel to seal the page and bingo !!! My page was done.... I hope you all like the way I have merged Decoupage and mixed media techniques to make this art journal page and I also hope you all give it a shot as I m super happy the way its turned out.

Don't forget to leave some comments on how you liked the page as I absolutely love to read them. Till the next creative post you all take care and have fun!!!!
Love & Hugs

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