Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Cards, Envelopes, Tags & Mandala using Mandala Pattern

Hello Hello!!!
This is Bela and today my DT post for blog is my favorite artwork .... I think by now you all who know me must have guessed what it is !!!

Yes  !!! I have beautiful cards, tags, envelopes using Mandala. I always get lot of questions as to where i use the mandalas that i draw on paper. Basically it can be framed and used it for home decor as well as meditative purpose. So this time I thought why not make some things which can be beautiful gifts  in useful way to someone who love mandalas.

So lets get started!!!! Its a long post as I have made 4 cards, 2 envelopes, 2 tags and one 12x12 mandala. so total 9 projects...

I have made 4 beautiful and delicate cards using mandalas with amazing Pearl drops.

First card is with whole Mandala . I have taken 6x12" heavy weight card stock and score it in center to make a 6x6" card. Then I used Aquarelle paper pack from the store and cut it in size 5.75 x 5.75 . Stuck it in the center which will leave a crisp white border of white card stock around the blue paper I chose. I absolutely loved this blue for my mandala as its a cool color and it gives me sense of peace when i see it.

I then measured the center point of the blue paper and witch a help of compass , pencil, scale i started building my mandala.  This is how it looks. I drew the mandala in such a style which allows me to add the additional touch of dots with black Pearl Drops leaving enough space around the mandala which will show the beauty of the paper with chevron print.

My second card measured the same . the only difference is I have drawn a half mandala at the right hand side. there is enough space at left to add any sentiment according to the theme and event... Again My design is formed in such a way that i can fill the spaces with dots.

My third card is a gate fold card. Here I took 6x12' card stock scored it at 3 and 9 inch and folded on score lines to form a card which has front opening.  The paper was cut to 5 3/4th x 2 3/4th ( 2 pieces).  So here I drew mandala on both sides which looks whole otherwise.

My fourth Card is my favorite. Measurements are same as first card. I kept it simple as i had already thought of adding a sentiment in center. i drew half mandala on top and half on bottom leave an inch of space between the both. where I added a strip of card stock with the sentiment thinking of you. I absolutely love this gorgeous and delicate design where the pearl drop dots are prominent and make this minimal design mandala complete.

Now We can go onto envelopes.
I made 2 beautifully delicate envelopes again using mandala design.... these measures 4x7" . so my pattern paper was cut at 3 3/4th x 6 3/4th. i used the plain blue sheets for these.  I simply pasted the pattern paper on the white envelope which I made again leaving a think white border for the enhanced look. i made a full mandala in the center leaving the space at both the sides which shows again my pattern paper. this is how it looks.

My second envelope measurements are same as the first. here I drew a beautiful semi circle mandala design with leaves... again keeping it simple so the dots look completes the pattern. I love these envelopes and I don't think i will ever give these to anyone ... ;) :)

Now lets go on to tags... i made couple of huge tags . They measure at 3.5 x 7" now In this I did mandala design only at the corner keeping the whole tag plain. U can fill up the space by adding a sentiment or stenciling or even stamping.... I have kept it simple as i din want the focus away from my mandala. here only outlines are done using the pen . completed the whole design filling up with dot with Pearl drops

The Design for the second tag is interesting... O just drew semi circle fan design and filled it up with scrolls. enhanced the whole look with small to large dots which makes the design look 3D. i absolutely loved this design and I will try and use them in my full page mandalas too.

Last but not the least.... How can I not try these pearl dots on my full page mandala..... My hands were itching to try the mandala with dots but at the same time with very intricate design too... Like I usually do .... The shading on the paper makes my mandala looks absolutely gorgeous.... very intricate design with the dots playing their special part in this one....

 Sharing few close ups...

First of all let me thank you yo all of you for not only stopping by but also sticking with me through out this long post. I absolutely enjoy making mandalas as they give me the peace ... i go into trance while creating these mandalas...  its like meditation to me... so i thought why not give the look a different use altogether .. plus keeping the designs simple n doable so you all can attempt it without any apprehension... usually I create my mandalas on plain black, white or grey paper but using these fabulous papers from Itsy Bitsy gave me a idea how these art works would look on pattern paper too.

Thanks a Million
Love & Hugs & kisses this time

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